Bikes for Refugees Creates Essential Workers Hub

The Bikes for essential Workers Hub introduces essential workers looking to access bikes with people in the community looking to loan (or donate) a bike. Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) does not directly receive, repair or distribute bikes through this service.

If you are an essential worker looking to access a bike to stay mobile during the COVID-19 crisis, please follow these five easy steps:

  • Search the listings via ‘Book Now’ on the Bikes for Refugees website to find a bike near you.
  • Along with a photograph of the bike you will find information on- (general) location of the bike, the size and condition of the bike.
  • When you find a suitable bike click on the image and you will be asked to provide your name, profession and contact details.
  • Agree to our Terms of Use
  • You will receive an e.mail confirmation and will then be contacted directly by the bike lender where you can discuss and agree your terms and the handover of the bike if mutually agreeable.


For more information please see here