Bike for Good, South – Spokes Not Blokes (Evening Workshop, Bike Maintenance)

September 03, 2019 until 5 Nov 2019 - 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

An evening of guided bicycle maintenance for women and non-binary people, by women and non-binary people.

We are now opening our workshop doors every first Tuesday of the month to teach bicycle maintenance to woman & non-binary people.

Dates are:

  • Tuesday 3rd September
  • Tuesday 1st October
  • Tuesday 5th November

Please book via Bike for Good, South Facebook page.

5-6pm, Instruction on a topic, this month: BRAKES!
6-8pm Fix Your Own Bike (FYOB): Open drop-in workshop with assistance on hand
(FYOB session welcomes complete beginners, it is a learning space with mechanics & volunteers on hand to work through problems together).

At Bike for Good Glasgow South’s NEW VENUE:
Langside Lane, 539 Victoria Road, G42 8BH
Children of all genders welcome, teenage girls & non-binary teenagers welcome.

Any questions please email:

——About Spokes Not Blokes (SNB)——

Spokes Not Blokes is a regular evening of guided bicycle maintenance for women and all non-binary people, by women and non-binary people.

What does non-binary mean?
Non-binary is an umbrella term for anyone whose gender does not unambiguously fit into either “man” or “woman”. Non-binary is a gender term in its own right, but also includes agender, genderqueer, genderfluid, and all other genders outside of the “man/woman” binary.

Who is welcome in the space?
Women (trans, cis, and otherwise) and non-binary people (of all/no genders). Self-definition is at the sole discretion of users. We do not police gender in our workshops. If you are here it is because you feel that you are included, and therefore are welcome. If you have any queries regarding our gender inclusion policy, please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We welcome complete beginners, as this is a learning space with mechanics & volunteers on hand to work through problems together.

What can you expect?
A friendly and welcoming space, free of judgement. We offer a stand and tools; and our skilled women and non-binary mechanics will be on hand to give help and advice if you get stuck. We also have new and second-hand parts to buy. You don’t have to book, you can just show up.

Why do we feel this service is necessary?
Typically, bike mechanics can be a men-dominated field. We want to provide a space where women and all non-binary people are made to feel welcome in the workshop, and feel confident to learn and ask questions. Based on feedback, we found that a dedicated regular space for women and non-binary people was in demand; and so we chose to design this service to ensure we are serving the needs of our community. We are aiming to change the status quo, whereby men fix bikes and do the teaching, whilst others watch. At Spokes Not Blokes, women and non-binary people are empowered to learn about bikes and how to fix them, and to teach others.


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