Learning to Ride at 46: Rebecca’s Story

As a teacher, I often visited Free Wheel North with school groups. Everyone was always really friendly and helpful.  On one occasion in 2016, I was speaking to Carol at Free Wheel North, and I told her that I couldn’t ride a bike.  She was full of encouragement and assured me that there were lots of adults in my position. 

In July 2016, l had a cycling lesson with Leslie and it was the best thing that I’ve done in years.  With a lot of patience, help and support from everyone at Free Wheel North, I eventually learned to ride a bike at the age of 46 – something that I never thought was possible! 

Since then, I have developed my cycling skills and I now have my own bike.  I cycle with Breeze and I’m a member of the Glasgow Gals Cycling Club.  I have improved my confidence, health and fitness as well as meeting lovely new people. 

Through cycling, I have seen places that I never knew existed as before I was always in a car, bus or train.  Learning to ride a bike really has had a positive impact on my life and this is all thanks to Free Wheel North!  I have recommended others to visit Free Wheel North and they, in turn, have encouraged others to visit.  It’s a fantastic place and they really do have a bike for all! 


Blog post by Rebecca Muir

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