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Lambhill Stables Bike Hub is a part of Lambhill Stables, a community owned hub. They provide a safe space for young people, volunteering opportunities and a range of activities for all. They work closely with the communities of Lambhill, Cadder and Milton.

Their bike hub provides high quality, affordable bike repair and servicing and second hand refurbished bikes for sale and hire. They also offer free assessments and advice, including estimates for repairs and services. Maintenance classes and business services such as fleet hire and Dr Bike are also available.

Their aim is to encourage cycling as an affordable and healthy form of transport, reduce the environmental impact of used bikes going to landfill by recycling them and provide the opportunity to gain new skills and help the community to volunteer. The bike hub is staffed by volunteers as well as a paid head mechanic.

Get involved

Becoming a member at Lambhill Stables means you get 10% off at the Bike Hub! Sign up for free to become a member of Lambhill Stables.

Contact the team at 0141 945 4100 or to sign up for volunteering opportunities.


0141 946 2043 or

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 10am – 5:30pm

Lambhill Stables Bike Hub

Lambhill Stables, 11 Canal Bank North, Glasgow, G22 6RD